European Babywearing Week!

This week we celebrate babies being carried – in arms, in slings, in LOVE.

As a first-time mum, I had an uncomfortable baby carrier that I got cheap second hand and it gave me back ache, but I kept searching for better, because I loved carrying my baby and I wanted to keep going. I didn’t know anyone who could help me with getting comfortable and helping my baby’s positioning, so I searched for local babywearing consultants. I had the good fortune to find Darren and Sarah, founders of Integra Baby, who patiently guided me through lots of options and I left super comfy with my baby snuggled in an Integra, a ring sling stashed under the buggy and my spark ignited. I will never forget those first hours learning with them, all those years ago!

I loved everything about babywearing – the closeness, the smell of my baby’s head, the bonding, the shared view of the world, the long walks, the hands-free washing, the dancing, the festival fields, the baby naps, the togetherness and even the working with my baby on my chest or my back. It got us through tough teething days, across cities, up mountains and to the end of the washing pile (occasionally!)

It quickly became an everyday part of my life and made things so much easier. The fire kept burning and spreading like wildfire through my family until all generations wanted the chance to put on the sling and enjoy some quiet bonding time with the baby!

As I began to work with families teaching baby massage, parents started to come to me to ask about carrying their baby and encouraging bonding, breastfeeding or asking how to get their hands back and keep their baby happy. I trained as a breastfeeding peer support volunteer with Kent Baby Matters and learned so much at their clinics, which offered breastfeeding support and a sling library. Family and friends started asking me how to carry their babies. I wanted to help more!

After many years of waiting, I completed my 4 day babywearing consultancy training earlier this year with Slingababy so that I finally had the toolkit I needed to support families professionally.

Now I am just filled with love sharing the benefits of babywearing with families every week, seeing parents comfortable and babies safe and happy in their arms. It is an honour.

A HUGE thank you to all of you who have helped me on this journey, I wouldn’t be here without you all behind me! And to those of you who ask me to support you, THANK YOU for this privilege. I hope to keep sharing this love for many more years to come, babywearing has so many benefits for the carrier and the baby, let’s normalise it!

#ebw2021 #blissfulbebe #babywearing

My blissful bebe in nature groups enjoying babywearing in the woods (as they walk, create, sunbathe and chat!)

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