Courses and Workshops

Below is a list of the courses and workshops available at Blissful Bebe, including a brief description and price for joining the open courses, as listed on our Facebook page. Courses are available live online for a reduced price during the nationwide restrictions.

All of our courses and workshops are also available privately, so please contact me for pricing and availability for private options.

Blissful Bebe Massage Course (IAIM)

DSCF5219This gold standard International Association of Infant Massage course runs over 6 sessions and is suitable for all babies from birth to one year (twins welcome). We cover full-body massage strokes, a colic/gas routine and an introduction to Story Massage and Baby Yoga (both separate courses available with Blissful Bebe, please see below). You are rewarded with the benefits of massage in helping your baby with digestion, stimulating their systems, relieving pains, promoting relaxation and sleep as well as deepening your bond with each other. This course teaches you a lifetime parenting skill that empowers you as parents to listen to your children, to respond lovingly and to connect deeply through nurturing touch. This course also includes time to share and really get to know other parents as we discuss which oils to use or avoid, why consent matters, baby’s cues and reflexes, how babies communicate and techniques to help soothe them as well as adaptations for as they grow. My focus is on the parents as well as the babies – this IAIM course is much more than massage strokes and research has shown this is what makes it so effective. The course includes a colour booklet containing all massage strokes, a bottle of organic oil and refreshments every week. Join us in the circle to focus on your baby and nourish yourself.

Price: £72 per family for 6 week baby massage course

Blissful Bebe Yoga Course (Birthlight)

Photo 21-10-2019, 11 43 05This wonderful Birthlight Baby Yoga course runs in 6 week blocks and there are two classes available – one suitable for all babies from 3-9 months and one mobile baby class for 8-18 months. No previous yoga experience required – this is a gentle class with a focus on having fun with your baby! There are gentle exercises, stretches and songs for you to enjoy with your baby and time to focus on your breath and relax deeply together. As with Blissful Bebe Massage, this course offers you a beautiful chance to bond with your baby and spend quality time doing something that is both for you and for your baby. It is a lovely way to make new mum friends too as everyone relaxes together in this  space. Join us in the circle to focus on your breath, your body and your baby.

Price: £72 per family for a 6 week block of baby yoga

Blissful Bebe in Nature Brand new for 2021!

This is an invitation to simply be. To come as you are. To connect with your baby in a sling. To breathe deeply in forest air. To ground yourself. Blissful bebe in nature runs in 6 week blocks and is suitable for all babies under one year. We will be forest bathing wearing our babies (with guidance from trained baby-wearing consultant), making mandalas from nature, enjoying mindfulness practices, connecting with our natural surroundings and sitting in circle with organic herbal tea for a real chance to share and be heard. This is a space for connection, community and co-creation. Come and find your blissful tribe in the wild!

Price: £65 per family for 6 week block of blissful bebe in nature

Blissful Bebe Story Massage Course 


The award-winning Blissful Bebe Story Massage course is full of fun and imagination. You will learn the Story Massage strokes alongside favourite rhymes, songs, verses and stories for a fully engaging experience! This course is perfect for growing babies as we delight them with themes like animals, nature, colours and feelings. You can enjoy this course with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, where imagination really comes to life! The course includes refreshments and handouts each week. Katie gained the Story Massage Best Practice Award for enthusiasm, creativity and excellence in designing her Baby and Toddler Story Massages so join us to liven up your nursery rhymes!

Price: £50 per family for 5 week baby story massage course

Blissful Bebe Massage Workshop for Dads/Partners


Weekend workshops are available for partners who would like to learn baby massage and cannot attend the course during the week. This is a perfect opportunity for 1:1 bonding time as you gain a new skill to help with your baby’s wind, constipation, teething, sleep… the list goes on! This course is suitable for all babies who have done the Blissful Bebe Massage course and are able to relax into their massage routine with the other parent.

Price: £12 each for weekend workshop for dads/partners

Siblings Workshop

Blissful Bébé Sibling Workshop

Added due to popular demand!   This lovely workshop is for teaching bigger siblings about positive touch with their baby sisters / brothers, using baby massage strokes, story massage strokes with rhymes and songs as well as sensory play.

Price: £12 per family for siblings workshop

Family Story Massage Workshop


This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the family together to share a fun activity. This workshop is designed for all ages and helps with bonding, family dynamics and positive interactions. Available on request.

Benefits of Positive Touch Workshop


This workshop is run at local cafés at various times throughout the year to help share the importance of positive touch, give you some ideas to try at home and a taster of a tiny bit of Story Massage so that everyone can leave having had a little massage if they want!

Price: Free positive touch workshop open to all