“For me the blissful bebe massage course has been invaluable, with the current lockdown situation, this class has been my only life line to meet other mums… I loved that fact that Katie took the time to ask how everyone was, held the space for them and gave reassuring and positive advice. She encouraged us to check in with ourselves as well and not solely focus on our babies and I was very grateful for this. The actual classes are fantastic. Full of content that I have incorporated into our daily lives. I started with my daughter when she was 3 weeks old and the colic routine and tummy massages were amazing and I began to use them daily which helped my daughter tremendously. I will continue with both of my children, as my 4 yr old son has been enjoying having a massage now when my daughter does. I love how in tune with my daughter I have become since doing this course.”
H, mum of 2

“Thanks for another beautiful blissful bebe in nature session today. Cannot tell you how much you’ve done for helping my baby and I bond. Love the safe spaces you create with massage, yoga and now in the woods! Thank you so so much.”
E, first-time mum

“I can’t believe anybody could think that your course is anything other than fantastic. Your knowledge and support second to none. It was a pure sanctuary for me. I loved every moment and it felt so cosy and cuddly in your space. Was just perfect. You are doing an amazing job and saving and helping so many mums.”
C, first-time mum

“You’re doing a fantastic job Katie gifting the world with the powers of touch! The tools you have provided for us and have been so very special and an aid in many ways.”
H, mum of 3

“I’ve never done mum and baby yoga before with my other children and now I know I MISSED OUT! It was pure cuddly, giggly and relaxing joy, focusing on purely being together with my little squidge. I left feeling like a whole new person.”
V, mum of 3

I am so grateful to have met you. You have no idea just how much my baby and I (and even my 5 year old) have benefited from being a part of your massage, yoga and nature classes. I thought you might like to know that even when we aren’t in your classes we are still benefiting from them!
H, mum of 2

“It’s almost 12 months since P and I started your five-week baby massage course and we both loved it so much. We were upset when it ended but have continued massage at home as it’s such a lovely bonding time.”
J, first-time mum

” I can honestly say that the baby massage sessions with you were one of the best things that I have done with Margot. I looked forward to every week when I could come and relax and share thoughts and feelings with other mums.”
V, first-time mum

“Katie came to my home to run our series of baby massage as we couldn’t make it to her. She was so lovely, patient and knowledgeable. The classes quickly became a highlight of the week and it was so lovely to have that bonding time with my baby, plus learn the skills to repeat it whenever and include my older children as well. Plus the snacks and tea were also delicious!”
N, mum of 3

“I completed the baby massage course with my newborn son and found it a wonderful experience. Kate is so welcoming and supportive at what can be a challenging time for new mums. I always came away feeling relaxed and I believe the skills taught have helped me bond with my baby. An unexpected benefit has also been the social side, making new friends with likeminded mums.”
J, first-time mum


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